***PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** The County of Newaygo has now taken over and is supporting and maintaining the sites in Fremont, Newaygo, White Cloud, Grant, Croton Township, and Garfield Township. The Recycling Center at 490 Quarterline St. in Newaygo will close May 31. Donations now made to RNC DO NOT go toward supporting the collection sites. RNC is in the process of converting to 100% educational purposes, and has applied to the State of Michigan for a name change to 3R EDUCATION. We are working on restructuring our website to reflect the changes. Later this summer you will find us at www.3reducation.org, where you can learn the many exciting programs we have in the works to teach the 3Rs of Environmental Sustainability to residents of all ages and sectors. Thank you to all supporting members, businesses, municipal contributors, and foundations for your longstanding support in RNC’s efforts to make recycling services available in and around Newaygo County since 2004.


RNC Single Stream Recycler Number 1

An estimated 3,000-4,000 families are using the single stream collection sites. Thank you for helping us help you to enhance the environment and the beauty of our neighborhoods.

The single stream recycling collection sites are conveniently located in Fremont, Grant, Newaygo, White Cloud, Garfield Township, and at Croton Transfer Station. All but the Croton location are open 24/7. The Croton Transfer Station is open Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from Noon to 5 pm, and is closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Acceptable items include newsprint and office paper, cardboard, plastics marked 1-7, and tin and aluminum cans. Please do not put non-household waste in the bins. The purpose of the bins is for the recycling of regular household waste. If in doubt, please refer to The Recycling Guide.

Please do not put polystyrene (styrofoam) in the single stream bins. There are dedicated polystyrene bins at the Fremont and Newaygo sites. Note that insulation foam is not recyclable as polystyrene due to the chemicals. Nothing with chemicals, no cushion foam, and so on. Please do not put these in the polystyrene bins. We have to trash it.

NCRESA provides trailers in Fremont, Newaygo, and White Cloud for the collection of glass for their Enterprise Program. Please DO NOT overfill. Use the other side if one side seems full. This may seem obvious, but over-stuffing one side while the other side of the trailer is virtually empty is a problem that results in a lot of broken glass and cleanup work.

Enterprise is a work-based learning environment for teens with special needs. Students prepare post-consumer glass by removing lids and ensuring the glass is reasonably clean before pulverizing in the crushing machine. See the Press Release for more details.


490 Quarterline Street, Newaygo MI 49337

Linda Ritz White, Executive Director

Web: Recycling for Newaygo County