Profile on Recycling for Newaygo County

Recycling for Newaygo County (RNC) Began operating in 2004 under the auspices of MSU Extension, and incorporated as a 501(c)(3) in 2008. The non-profit organization serves the recycling needs of residents of Newaygo County and surrounding areas. It is served by a Board of Directors and an Executive Director.

We facilitate recycling by funding and maintaining seven (7) single stream collection sites in Newaygo County and surrounding areas. Our hauler, Cart-Right LLC, contracted hourly, empties the bins at each site from two to four times weekly. These materials are transported directly to Kent County Recycling for a tipping fee.

The collection sites are conveniently located in Fremont, Grant, Garfield Township, Croton Township, Holton, Newaygo, and White Cloud. All but the Croton location are open 24/7.

Based on the volumes collected and recycling averages, we estimate that we are serving 3,000-4,000 households.

RNC also operates a pickup service for local businesses and to serve our corporate sponsors.

We also conduct various activities to educate youths and residents of all ages about recycling and the importance of recycling.

Our home base at 490 Quarterline Street, Newaygo, houses:

1) The Recycling Center: where recyclers may bring polystyrene/styrofoam (we cannot accept it in our single stream bins) CFL and FL light bulbs, batteries, electronics, printer cartridges, and cell phones, etc. Members recycle these items at no charge up to a maximum of $25 annually. Non-members pay .45 cents per pound, which covers our costs to safely dispose of these items.

Trash is accepted at $3/bag. Membership includes six shredding sessions with our commercial shredders. Non-members pay for use of the shredder. Call or visit The Recycling Center to learn more. Visit our Membership Page to learn more about RNC Membership and benefits.

Public hours are Tuesday and Thursday Noon to 5 pm, and Wednesday, Noon to 7 pm. The entrance to The Recycling Center is on the north side of our building at 490 Quarterline Street in Newaygo, a rented warehouse behind Brooks Township (facing Quarterline Street).

2) Our Warehouse: out of which we operate our pickup service; located on the east side facing Division Street.

3) Our Corporate Office: Please enter by the Public Entrance on the north side. The office is located at the back (west end) of the warehouse. A buzzer is mounted on the public entrance door. Please buzz and enter to alert us, as the office is at the other end of the building. We will come right out to help you.

4) Our Education Center: We are intentional about educating our youth and adults about the wise use and conservation of resources, including the recovery of recycled materials. We provide pertinent informational materials, visit schools and summer camps, and give classroom and civic group presentations and tours of our facility.

Serving You

        490 Quarterline Street, Newaygo MI
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      • Executive Director
        Linda Ritz White

OUR MISSION is to enhance the environmental health and beauty of Newaygo County and surrounding areas by providing convenient recycling services to local households and businesses, and to educate the public about the importance of recycling.


We receive contributions from municipalities, business, members, fundraising initiatives, and a grant from the Fremont Area Community Foundation.

We also partner with NC RESA, and the Newaygo County Court system, creating opportunities for individuals to complete work experience and community service hours through our volunteer program.

Strategies and Goals

Our primary goal is to operate a comprehensive, non-profit recycling organization that is viable and sustainable. We are working to follow our own 3C’s — making recycling as Comprehensive, Convenient, and Cost Effective as possible.