We believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it. We believe in enhancing the environment and the beauty of our communities and neighborhoods. We believe in you and your ability to help us make that difference. Thank you for believing in us.

Dave White sorts recycling at his home in Twin Lake into homemade recycle bins constructed by his son-in-law.

Words of Appreciation from Residents

“I have been recycling for over 10 years, influenced by my green oriented kids. I recycle everything I can, including composting our organic waste. The satisfaction and pride I take in returning recyclable materials so they can be re-used and not dumped into a landfill is great. Thanks to Recycling for Newaygo County, my wife and I produce about one bag of non-recyclable trash per month! It just makes good sense to do what I can to recycle all that I can, reducing the need to produce new from new. The extra effort it takes is worth it a hundred times over when I think about my grandkids’ environmental legacy. Thank you for making this possible.”
David White
“We think Recycling for Newaygo County is doing a great job of providing recycling services to the residents of Newaygo County! Every time we bring recycled materials to Recycling for Newaygo County, we are reminded of how much we appreciate being able to keep everything out of the landfills.”
Cheryl and Tim
“Last February, I broke my leg so I was unable to bring my recyclables to the recycling center for 2 months. I didn’t have a place to store them either. My trash can was full every week and sometimes over the top! When I recycle, it takes two weeks to fill the can!! I had been recycling for so long, I had forgotten how much garbage there is if you don’t recycle. I hope we never stop and that we keep looking for more ways to save our planet.”
Shirley Utrup
“I love the recycling center. I bring materials there from 3 households every other week. We have also begun bringing garbage there. With the recycling, we are down to one garbage bag every other week — this is combining the garbage from all three households. What a savings on garbage collection the recycling has made!”
“We are so grateful to have Recycling for Newaygo County in our neighborhood. About 1 bag of trash to the landfill every six weeks for this family of 2. Keep up the good work in our schools and your educational efforts. We have been happy participants since the beginning of this effort.”
Kathy Misak and Rod Geers
“My husband and myself would not know what to do without the recycling you provide for us. Newaygo County Recycling is the best!”
Donna and Harry Stroven
“Through Recycling for Newaygo County’s efforts, grants, businesses and volunteer support, recycling service is made available to everyone in the area free of charge. The organization also provides educational programs for the schools and jobs for the community. I have used and supported the services since the inception of Recycling for Newaygo County, and appreciate the luxury of having so many local recycling drop-off sites. Needless to say, you can be credited with keeping thousands of pounds of materials out of landfills, preserving our beautiful Newaygo County landscape and reducing our carbon footprint. Keep up the good work!”
Brenda Wieber
“Think global, recycle local! Thank you Fremont Area Foundation for helping this to become a reality!”
Kathy and John Morrison
“Recycling in Newaygo County continues to grow each year, thanks to the fine efforts of Recycling for Newaygo County. Not only are tons of materials being kept out of landfills, but the residents of Newaygo County are being educated about the importance of being responsible citizens of this planet with its finite resources. I am proud to serve on the board of directors and to be part of the ongoing effort to improve and expand recycling in this country.”
Ailene Pugno

Words of Appreciation from Some of Our Sponsors

The trailer has been a great resource for those of us who want to be sustainable and recycle, but do not live where recycling options may be available. The fact that our employer provides this recycling option to us employees is not only appreciated, but shows that they are committed to more sustainable practices.
We are extremely happy for the opportunity to offer such a great service to our employees and members. Not only do we recycle as an organization, but we take great pride in knowing that the “At-Work” trailer has encouraged our members and employees to join in the movement.
I recycle both at home and at work. Being able to recycle at home reduces my trash by about 80%. The difference it makes is remarkable. We produce only about a tall kitchen garbage bag of trash every two weeks. At work we recycle huge amounts of cardboard, which would otherwise go into a landfill.